Hire An osCommerce Developer

The SystemsManager Technologies Team has helped many people modify their osCommerce store to their specifications.  From adding in contributions, to creating completely customized modules that are specific to your needs.

We want you to have quality services, so we will work through each step of the customization process with you to ensure you have the product you need.  We have specialized for over a year in developing custom osCommerce projects for various clients.

Virtual Mall System

  • Comes with a secured admin for each store
  • Has a front end developed for on line store creation via an osCommerce interface
  • Can hold hundreds of virtual stores under the same domain name
  • Uses a template system so each store has the ability to have its own theme, which can be changed with ease
  • Site text editing system in place
    • this editing system allows each store to add in articles/services via our HTML admin interface system.  This system allows for dynamically created pages with minimal effort.
    • each store can control the text throughout their site, while not effecting the other stores text.

Same product base for several domains

  • This system has its own unique customers and orders for each store
  • Has a shared product database so that each store will display the products in the store.
  • Separate payment and shipping options for each store
  • Gives you the ability to have many different domain names uses the same product

Customization of existing Contributions and installation of the modules

  • Over the years we have installed hundreds of different contributions into osCommerce
  • We have a vast knowledge of customization expertise in osCommerce modifications.

if you require more information on our Services.  We are here to Help You, our valued customers.