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Clients Feedback - Read What Others Are Saying

I've first contacted SystemsManager about 8 years ago. I was looking for some complex customization for my osCommerce online shop at that time. Being able to discuss and do business with someone in Canada, very close to my actual location, was a key factor in chosing SystemsManager.

I've found that they had an understanding of my needs that surpassed all other coders I'd contacted. Service has always been excellent. I would never hesitate referring SystemsManager to anyone in need of osCommerce programming and related services. They are the true experts. Cheers!

J.F. Allard
Viamerique Inc.


I have chosen SystemsManager to host all of my own eCommerce websites as well as those of all of my clients for the past four years. SystemsManager has demonstrated outstanding hosting service and knowledge.

Their support is exemplary both from the standpoint of timely problem resolution as well as responsible security implementation. SystemsManager offers a full palette of tools perfect for any web developer as well as solutions for website owners that want a fully developed website application.

Their high quality service is offered at a very affordable price making this the best hosting company that we have found in our extensive search for an outstanding hosting solution.

Shelley Wardwell


Mrbox has been a long term client. We have worked together for over seven years. We manage all of his website for custom development and recently his SEO services. Built using the CRE platform, we have extended the ability of the site to be used for his sales team and online sales.

We have added vaious features from a rotational jQuery driven image carousel, to custom PO based payment methods, to product uploads tool, product feeds and many other modifications.


This client's site has had an ongoing development for the shopping cart system for over five years. Some of the work entails custom feeds, custom shipping, custom payment methods, subscription based products, saved order system for fast reordering, custom search algorithms, and may other features.

We work closely to create solutions that work for site site to promote faster processing of orders and a unique phone ordering system On going feature projects are planned for and will continue to help manage the software that manages this sites high order rate.

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