Shipping Tools

UPS Quantium View is a system which allows for interaction between UPS and the shipping system used by vendors based on what has been shipped, received by the customer etc. by UPS shipping services.

Based on XML, our system reads the XML file sent by UPS and then will auto update the customer’s account / order with the correct information, including the tracking number, order status (processing, shipped, delivered) that is run as a daily operation (CRON job).

This system was developed with SME firms in mind, so that the shipping and updating of the order status is a stream-lined process, which will not need the constant attention and management of personal, rather we have automated this process to enable the vendor to concentrate on more important duties like creating sales and management.

We welcome inquiries on the logic. We will implement the logic into any osCommerce based site and add in your custom requirements.

Feel feel to contact us, and get a quote based on this system and any custom requirements you may have.