Subscription Tools

Our subscriptions module, allows the store owner to set recurring payments based on any product type or area access. The customer is left with the option to renew or not when the expiration date occurs.

Notification is automatic by emailing of the expiration prior to the expiry date, and the product is added to the customers cart via a CRON script job.

The customer is sent a link with the product already re-added to their cart for fast checkout. This is generally good for extended subscription periods, so the customer can make the choice to renew or not.

With logic hooks, we can add the same logic so that downloads or access to different products or even different pricing discounts etc is turned on or off.

The limit is endless when it comes to basing products on dates and providing access to them. We are always implementing new ideas and most of the logic is available already to create more ways to use date based access.

We welcome inquiries on the logic. We will implement the logic into any osCommerce based site and add in your custom requirements.

Feel feel to contact us, and get a quote based on what you would like to sell as a subscription based product.